The man drove the bike after sitting on the bike with 2 women and 4 children, watching the video, people said – ‘You will play with security, the gates of Yamlok will open’

People with Jugadu tendency are mostly found in our India. Our people use jugaad technology to make such things, which the world is stunned to see, that is why when a video comes on the internet, it becomes viral as soon as it comes, but this is the reason. It is not that every time jugaad technology should be used for positive things. Some people even use it for wrong things. A similar video has surfaced in recent times as well. In which a person is riding a bike with seven people sitting.

In the video you can see that a man is standing on the side of the road with a bike. He is accompanied by two women and 4 children, who take turns to sit on the motorcycle and then the seven people sit on the same bike and run away. This is quite an astonishing stunt, which is sure to stun even good riders. While many users are getting angry after watching this video, while many people are getting angry on the negligence of such a person.

watch video here

This video has been shared on Twitter by IPS Dipanshu Kabra on Twitter. Till the time of writing the news, more than 16 thousand people have seen this video. Apart from this, hundreds of likes have also come on this clip and people are giving their own reactions by commenting.

Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘This fellow should get a small fat gold medal, even if it is of wood..! On the other hand, another user wrote, ‘The car itself will commit suicide.’ Another user wrote, ‘It is called playing with the life of your family by ignoring the traffic rules.’

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