The lover was taking the girlfriend on the scooty on the submerged road, got the trouble done in the affair of caring

Love brings spring in anyone’s life, that’s why lovers couple take care of each other. Taking care of each other and taking care of each other’s every little thing also comes under the realm of love. But sometimes in the process of taking care, it gets messed up. one such Video These days we got to see .. where in the affair of caring, a boy got himself troubled.

As we all know that during the rainy days the condition of the roads becomes such that the road looks more like a river. Due to which many times it is seen that the vehicles slip. Now watch this video only where a lover is pushing his girlfriend on a scooty and pushing her herself. But during this time the scooty slips and his girlfriend falls on the road filled with water.

Watch the video of boyfriend and girlfriend here

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This video has been shared on Instagram. Which has got more than one lakh views till the time of writing the news. One user wrote, ‘How caring is this boy for his girlfriend.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘How bad this girl is right with this.’ While another user commented and wrote, ‘The rainy season spoiled their game.’ Some people are jokingly saying that the boy has done this intentionally. So that he can teach the girl a lesson.

In the video you can see that the boy’s scooty gets damaged on the road due to rain. Where the boy gets himself into the water and takes the scooty to the side but his girlfriend does not get off the scooty. As soon as the scooty comes in the middle of the road, the boy’s balance deteriorates and along with the scooty the girlfriend sitting on it also falls on the road and gets drenched in the dirty water of the submerged roads.

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