The lioness wanted to hunt the deer, at the end of the video, intelligence overpowered her strength

The rules of the jungle are very strange, where sometimes the hunter and sometimes the prey outwit each other. Here it is not necessary that every time only the powerful get the victory. Many times it happens here that hunting teaches a lesson to the hunter and the poor hunter keeps looking at his face. We got to see one such video these days. In which the ‘Queen of the Jungle’ thought of hiding the deer as her prey, but then something happened that the hunt was lost to the lioness but the lioness kept looking at her face.

No matter how powerful the hunter may be, he can also be defeated if he is used with courage. Even if she is the queen lioness of the jungle, why not? Now watch this video only where a lioness is looking at the deer hiding in the bushes and seeing the right opportunity, wants to make it her prey, but the deer, showing its intelligence on the spot, made the lioness eat all four and in the end see something like this. Found which is usually rarely seen in the world of the jungle.

Watch the video of lion and deer here

In the video you can see that a lioness is standing hiding herself among the bushes. Actually, she is keeping an eye on the deer by hiding behind the bushes. So that as soon as he gets the right opportunity, he attacks the deer. As soon as a deer comes close to her, she becomes fully active, but during this time the deer comes to know that the lioness’s eye has fallen on her, in such a way she allows the lioness to come near her and as soon as the lioness attacks her. She runs away from there by zig-zag. The lioness running like this to the deer is stunned and she is unable to do anything about it.

This video has been shared by an account named Maasai Sightings. Which has been seen by more than 38 thousand people. For your information, let us tell you that thrill-filled and creepy videos are posted on this which are from the jungles of Africa.

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