The lion suffered heavy teasing the sleeping lioness, see how the lesson was taught in the video

You can guess the power of a lion in the forest by the fact that big animals bow down in front of its roar. He is such a dangerous hunter, if he falls after someone, he dies only after doing all his work, but the lion is also afraid of the queen of the forest as much as a husband is afraid of his wife. In recent times, one such video has surfaced these days. You will surely be shocked after seeing that.

In the video, a lioness can be seen sleeping peacefully on the way. Then perhaps the lion thinks of a joke and he proceeds to frighten the lioness. As soon as the lion touches the lioness, she gets up fast and roars at the lion in such a way that the lion gets scared and follows. The fear of the lioness scares the lion as well. Seeing the havoc of this wild lioness, you will also be shocked.

watch video here

In the video you can see that the queen of the jungle is sleeping happily in the middle of the forest. Meanwhile, the lion passing by falls on her and as soon as he touches her, she roars in such a way that the condition of the king of the jungle worsens. The lion somehow saves himself from the attack of the lioness, but the lion may not have the slightest idea of ​​what he will do if he makes the mistake of waking up the sleeping lioness.

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @bkbuc. People are liking this video very much on social media. So far more than 1.41 lakh people have seen it. People are not only sharing it with each other but are also giving different types of comments and reactions on it. Many people also said that everyone is afraid of wife, whether it is a lion or a human.

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