The life of a woman saved narrowly, all the work gets done in 8 seconds! watch heartwarming video

People are often advised to tread carefully on the roads, looking back and forth and left and right. However, some people do not understand this and they keep making mistakes again and again. In such a situation, many times people also become victims of accidents. You must have seen that some people are very hasty and the vehicles keep coming and going fast and in that they start trying to cross the road. It is quite risky. social media But nowadays one such video is going viral, in which a woman took a similar risk and put her life in danger. Seeing this video, you will definitely get goosebumps.

Actually, the vehicles were coming on the road at high speed and the woman starts crossing the road between the same speeding vehicles. She is lucky that nothing happens to her and at the same time there is no damage to the cars, otherwise this one mistake could have caused a big accident. In the video you can see that the woman starts crossing the road at the exact same time when the vehicles are coming fast. In the meantime, seeing the vehicles coming towards her, she stops in the middle of the way, after which the balance of the car people also deteriorates a bit, but she manages herself anyway. In this way the life of the woman is also saved, otherwise her work would have been completed in one stroke. The speed of the vehicles was such that a serious accident would have happened with him.

See how the woman’s life was saved

This heart-wrenching video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @IdiotsNearlydyi. This 8-second video has been viewed more than 1 lakh 38 thousand times so far, while thousands of people have also liked the video and given various reactions.

A user has written in a funny way, ‘Women, it does not matter which country they belong to, their action is the same everywhere’.

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