The leopard made the mistake of attacking the python, the game of death changed in a few moments; watch video

Nothing can be said about what to see in the world of the jungle. It is difficult to say when who will hunt whom here. Those who know the jungle closely also know that the one who will win here will be alert and agile during the fight. One mistake in Maidan-e-Jung can make a hunter a victim. We got to see a similar video these days. in which a hungry Leopard Python Wanted to make him his victim, but the very next moment the bet is completely reversed.

Leopard is said to be the ruthless hunter of the jungle. If it falls after an animal, it does not retreat without being put to death. But it is not necessary that every time they fall prey to their hands, many times it becomes difficult to save their lives during the fight. Now watch this video only where the leopard made the mistake of hunting a giant python. But as soon as he touches the python, the python starts running fast and the hunter’s condition worsens.

Watch the video of hunting and hunter here

In the video you can see that a hungry leopard, seeing the python, follows it to hunt it. At first the leopard tries to attack the python and the python gets angry and attacks the leopard. On seeing it, he would grab the leopard by his body and start hitting the coil. In the clutches of the python, the leopard keeps groaning. But the leopard does not give up and keeps trying with full force to get out of the clutches of the python.

Where the greed of the python increases after seeing the leopard, the leopard tries to escape from the clutches to save its life. It is very difficult to say who lost and who won in the end. This video has been shared on YouTube by an account named World of Wildlife and Village. Which has got hundreds of views and likes till the time of writing the news.

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