The ‘great hunter’ of the sea broke down on the Great White Shark, see the video of the attack

There are about 400 species of sharks, including great white shark Quite popular. The reason for their popularity is the horror movies of Hollywood, in which this fish is shown as a ‘sea monster’. By the way, let us tell you that the White Shark is considered to be the largest predator species in the sea. However, scientists have now found the ‘super hunter’ who hunts white sharks. Scientists have confirmed that Orcas, one of the world’s largest marine predators killer whalesThe times are proving to be for the White Sharks. In South Africa, he has been seen attacking and attacking white sharks. Its video is also going viral on social media.

This video going viral is being told of Mosel Bay, a port city in the South Western Cape province, where there is a sudden decrease in the presence of white sharks. Scientists say that the reason behind the sudden disappearance of this species of shark is not human activity or climate change, but killer whales. Scientists have released helicopter and drone footage, in which killer whales are seen chasing and attacking white sharks. In the viral clip, you can see how killer whales surround a white shark and make their prey. After this a killer whale grabs it in its sharp and strong jaw and takes it to the depths.

Watch the video of the killer whale attack on the white shark here

footage from helicopter

Orcas, ie killer whales, are known to hunt other species of sharks, but this evidence of an attack on the Great White Shark has come to the fore for the first time. Killer whales usually eat tiger sharks, seals and other whale fishes as their morsel. But scientists have also been stunned after watching a video of a killer whale attack on the White Shark, which is considered the most dangerous predator of the sea.

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