The girl took the photo at such a place, seeing the people screamed- Video

selfie with cheetah A video of a person taking the same has baffled the minds of people, now the netizens have gone out of their way after seeing a video of a girl posing for such a crazy picture. Actually, this girl is seen sitting in the very last part of the mountain and shooting her video. It can be seen in the clip that a slight mistake and the girl could have fallen thousands of feet. This video is from Brazil Rio de Janeiro is of. viral clip Whoever saw it, his senses were blown away.

In the video going viral, you are seeing a wonderful view of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Where a girl is seen sitting in a pink top on the very last part of the mountain. This video is really shocking, because the height at which the girl is sitting and the place where she is sitting, could have been a carelessness and her life. When the condition of many is getting worse just by watching this video, then imagine how it would feel sitting at that place. But the surprising thing is that the girl has no fear of height. She is getting the video shot laughing and smiling.

Watch the girl’s video here

This very shocking video has been shared on Twitter with the handle @closecalls7. Along with this, the user has written in the caption, 2769 feet above Rio de Janeiro. This video shared on 19 September is creating panic in the internet world. The video has more than 48 lakh views so far, while more than 57 thousand people have liked it. This number is continuously increasing.

Whoever saw this video is stunned. However, some users have also commented on the girl, telling her the truth. People say that only an idiot would think of such an act. One user commented and wrote, ‘One mistake and the captive straight down.’ At the same time, another user has written, I do not know what has happened to people, they are betting their lives in the pursuit of getting likes on the photo.

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