The girl started screaming as soon as she opened the gift, see what happened then; 10 such viral videos

on birthday gifts Who doesn’t like You must have seen that on this special occasion, especially children’s eyes are only on the gifts they get. Children are curious to know who gave him what. However, in a video that surfaced on social media, the girl celebrating the birthday prank falls prey to. It can be seen in the viral clip that as soon as the girl opens the gift pack, she jumps out of fear and screams from her mouth. So let’s see in the video what was it that made the girl nervous.

In the video going viral, you can see that the girl sitting with the mother is looking at the gift received on the birthday. During this, the mother was also curious to know what was in the box. But they had no idea that something was going to come out of the box, seeing which both would jump in fear. Actually, someone put a live lizard in the box and gave it as a gift. As soon as the box opens, the lizard jumps up and climbs onto the girl’s body. Then whatever happens, see for yourself in the video.

See in the video, how the girl got scared as soon as she opened the gift

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You have seen the prank video with the girl, now let’s have a look at 9 other videos which are becoming very viral on social media.

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