The girl hid drugs in the wedding card, was caught at the airport like this; video viral

wedding There is a moment that is most special in everyone’s life. It is special not only for boys and girls but also for their family members and relatives. Although the relatives do not come to the weddings just like that, but to invite them properly. marriage card Have to send. This rule has been going on for years, which is being followed even today. After getting the wedding card, people eagerly wait for the wedding date. social media But nowadays there is a lot associated with this wedding card. kinda weird The video is going viral, which is quite surprising.

Actually, a girl was carrying drugs hidden in the wedding card, but was caught during checking at the airport. In the video you can see that there is a wedding card, which is being tried to open. Although it is not known from seeing that something like this can happen inside the card, but as soon as the airport officials tear the card completely, they are also stunned to see the inside view, because there are many sacks of drugs inside it. exits. It is being told that this video is about two years old, but it still remains a topic of discussion on social media. This is quite a shocking video, after watching which your eyes will also be torn apart.

See how drugs were hidden in the wedding card

This video has been shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma on social media platform Twitter and it is written in the caption, ‘A girl was caught at the airport with a wedding card, which contained drugs’. At the same time, he has cautioned people not to take anything from anyone at the airport.

This video of about two minutes has been viewed more than 1 lakh 58 thousand times so far, while more than 5 thousand people have also liked the video and given various reactions. One user wrote, ‘The way it is packaged is unbelievable’, while another user jokingly wrote, ‘Pratibha bahut hai humare hai’.

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