The girl danced in the classroom on the song Chikni Chameli, the steps made a splash on social media

Some songs of Bollywood always remain the favorite of the people. Some songs are such a hit that people of all ages can see it and perform on it. Like It happens. Baat Agar Chikni Chameli Song from the 2012 film Agneepath is also included in the list of superhit songs. The craze of this song is still speaking in people’s heads. Now look at this video that surfaced where the girls in the school did such a thing. Dance The one who will see it again and again, still will not fill the mind.

Often you must have seen that whenever the children have fun in the free period in school. While many people talk among themselves, there are many students who do not hesitate to show their talent in this time. In recent times, a similar video has come to the fore where the girl student is seen dancing happily on smooth jasmine.

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Looking at the video going viral, it seems that students are enjoying Teachers Day. Meanwhile, a girl wearing a mask comes and the smooth jasmine song of the film Agneepath plays in the background. On which the girl dances like this. After seeing this, the whole class screams. During this, the camera moves towards the boys sitting at the back of the classroom, where they are also doing a tremendous dance on the back seat of the class, enjoying a lot on this song.

We all know the scintillating dance moves of Katrina Kaif. In such a situation, it is difficult for everyone to dance the same to the same dance like her, but the student has tried to copy Katrina completely. The video has been shared on Instagram by an account named funtaap. Till the time of writing the news, more than 11 thousand people have liked it. How did you like the girl’s dance on the song Chikni Chameli? Let us know by commenting how you liked this video.

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