The dog operated a brain like Einstein, people said – turned out to be faster than humans; watch video

By the way, you must have seen dogs jumping and doing strange things many times. but these days social media But in the video of the dog that has surfaced, Doggy has won the hearts of the netizens with her intelligence. Actually, the owner of the dog shows him a trick. Which this dog cracks in such a way that do not even ask. This video is creating ruckus in the ‘world’ of social media. netizens is dog intelligence Do not get tired of praising. So let’s see in the video that what has this dog done, which is being liked by the people.

Seeing the viral video, you will surely say that the brain of this dog runs faster than humans. In the video you can see that the owner exchanges some pieces in front of his pet dog. This person moves the pieces very fast, so that the dog does not remember which piece is in which place. But the surprising thing is that in a game in which a person also eats a chutney, this dog very intelligently tells the pieces right again and again. People are liking this video a lot.

Watch the smart dog video here

The video of this very smart dog has been shared on Twitter with the handle @theworldofdog. The user has written in the caption, What a smart dog. This video of just 46 seconds is blowing the internet on the internet. People are liking this video so much that till now it has been seen almost 1 crore times. At the same time, about 3 lakh people have liked it. This number is continuously increasing. Apart from this, people are also commenting fiercely on the video.

‘This is disgusting’

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