The doctor brought the newborn out of the claws of death, kept breathing from the mouth; video viral

Doctors are not just considered as another form of God on earth. In fact, life-saving doctors sometimes do something that becomes an example. At present, social media But some such video is becoming very viral. in which one lady doctor At the last moment, she became the form of God and dragged the newborn from the mouth of death. Viral Clip Doctor Sahiba Mouth Se Newborn She continued to breathe until her body started to move. Now seeing this video, everyone is reading ballads in his praise.

This incident happened in Agra in March this year, the video of which is once again going viral on the internet. The pediatrician seen in the video is Surekha Chaudhary, who saved the newborn’s life by giving ‘mouth to mouth’ respiration for about 7 minutes. According to the information, when the girl child was born in Agra’s CHC, there was no movement in the body. The child was immediately given oxygen support, but when that too did not help, then doctor Surekha started giving the newborn through mouth. She continued to do this for about 7 minutes, after which the newborn started to move. Now seeing this video, people are saluting his spirit.

In the video, see how the female doctor saved the life of a newborn

This video has been shared by the policeman Sachin Kaushik posted in Agra from his Twitter account. He has saluted the spirit of Doctor Sahiba with the hashtag. This video of just 26 seconds is going viral very fast. So far it has been seen about 5 lakh times. How much people are liking this video, it can be gauged from the fact that so far more than 51 thousand people have liked it. At the same time, after watching the video, people are continuously registering their feedback.

‘God is another form on earth’

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