The cat did a dangerous attack on the deer, in a few seconds the hunting changed the thoughts of the hunter

People who know the forest closely, know very well that when the lion king of the jungle goes out for hunting, then the animals in the forest become alert. But it is not only that here those animals just have to be careful with animals like lion, cheetah and leopard. Rather, it is very difficult to say about when what will happen here. so many times here Event can also be seen. People are surprised after seeing them. one such clip is in discussion.

It is said that when death is in front, the soul of the strong enters inside the weak and they are able to face that situation. These things apply not only to humans but also to animals. Now watch this video only where a wild cat attacked a deer. Seeing what happened after that, your eyes will be wide open.

Watch the video of hunting and hunter here

It can be seen in the video that a deer in the forest has reached a lake in a forest to drink water. During this time a wild cat’s eyes fall on the deer. The wild cat attacks the deer to hunt it. While the deer is seen running to save its life, the cat is seen chasing it. There comes an occasion when the cat makes a jump and sits on the back of the deer.

During this, the deer increases its speed and due to which the cat loses its balance and falls, but still it does not give up its prey. The deer runs to save its life and the wild cat to satisfy the hunger. For once, it seems that the cat will now make the deer its prey, but in front of the courage of the deer, the cat’s spirits are defeated. The video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @bkbuc.

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