The boy did a moonwalk inside the swimming pool, people were left open to see the performance

There are different types of videos on social media. Where many videos are so funny that they can’t stop laughing. So there many videos are so emotional that tears come in your eyes. But it is not that only funny and emotional videos come here. many users There are such people who make videos of their special talents like dancing, cooking, singing. social media But let’s put, which people also like a lot. A video of such a man’s underwater tremendous dance has been covered on the internet these days.

When it comes to talent, we all know that there is no dearth of it in our country. He has a long list in which Jaideep Gohil’s name is also included. According to him, he is India’s first underwater dancer and whenever his video comes on the internet, it becomes viral indiscriminately and why not more than 7.5 lakh people follow him. A similar video is in discussion in recent times as well. Which has been viewed more than 9 million times.

Watch underwater dance performance here

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In the video going viral, you can see that a Jaideep is seen dancing to the tune of Michael Jackson’s smooth criminal song underwater. Jaideep gave this performance on a pool table kept in water and during his moonwalk, he was also seen turning upside down several times. The most surprising thing about this entire video is that the person gave a stellar performance without an oxygen cylinder.

He has shared this video on his Instagram. People like his dance videos a lot on social media. People not only share them but also give different types of comments and reactions on their videos. One user wrote, ‘This was the most killer moonwalk ever.’ While another wrote, ‘After seeing this performance, my mouth was left open.’

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