The black tiger made a special mark in the area in its own way, people were surprised to see the movement of the rare animal

Videos related to animals that have come in the world of the Internet keep coming out. Which are very much liked by the people. especially if Video If it is related to animals, then the matter is different. Many times people laugh after watching these short clips, while many times such videos also come out, after which people are surprised after watching. One such video has become a topic of discussion in recent times.

Although we must have seen many such wild animals around the world, which are known for their special features, but many times we get to see such animals on the internet. After seeing which we do not believe our eyes at all because before that we would not have thought of such an animal. Now look at this clip that has surfaced where a ‘rare’ tiger is seen because its color is black. We are sure that you too have rarely seen such a tiger before.

watch video here

In the video you can see that a black colored tiger is seen marking its territory. He first looks around the tree and tries to understand whether he is in danger. After this, he makes a mark on the tree with his claws. Significantly, it is necessary for hunter-gatherers to mark the area, that is, to make their territory, because there is a war of the area between them.

This video has been shared by Indian Forest Services officer Parveen Kaswan. Which has been seen by more than 83 thousand people and has been liked by more than 5100 people. Recently, by sharing the video of black tiger Odisha National Park on his Twitter, gave special information related to it to the people. Significantly, genetic mutation is the reason behind the black color of the tiger. Due to which these tigers are very rare.

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