The birds played volleyball in this way by forming a team, watching the video, people said – they are very cute!

Many funny things keep going viral on social media. If seen in today’s time, it has become the most useful means of entertainment for the people. Where every day more than one Videos keep on coming, after seeing whom many times we stunned If left, there are times when it happens that after seeing whom we are not able to control our laughter. Many times such videos are also seen here which make our day. Something similar is going viral these days.

When birds fly in the sky, they look very beautiful and their actions are even more lovely than them. These creatures also know how to play a game like humans by forming a team. However, have you ever seen them play human games? If you have not seen, then see where the birds are seen playing volleyball among themselves by forming a team.

Watch the birds’ volleyball match here

In the video you can see that these birds, divided into two groups, are playing volleyball in the net in the middle. Where a parrot throws the ball towards the other group with the help of its beak, then the person of the other group also throws the ball in the front group with his beak according to the rules. Seeing this game of theirs, it seems as if their match is going on and both the teams are trying to win this match with all their heart.

This adorable Dr Vivek Bindra has shared on his Twitter account which has been viewed more than 90K times so far, as well as thousands of people have also liked it. People are increasingly liking this video on social media. This is the reason why many users also registered their reaction on the video. A user said that this match is worth money. At the same time, another user wrote that all this is fine, tell me from where he has taken training. Apart from this, many other users praised this video in different ways.

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