The bird adopted a special trick to catch the fish, hunted like this by darkening it with wings

Nature has given something unique to every creature created by nature, which makes them different from others. Just like someone has the ability to run fast, someone has poison to save himself, while there are many creatures who have such a prey. Tallent People are surprised to see what happens. of such a bird Video It is in discussion these days. Everyone was stunned to see whose method of hunting.

As such, you must have seen many creatures hunting fish, who stand outside the water and wait for their prey by meditating for many hours and attack their prey when they get the right opportunity. Now watch this clip itself, which is a bit different because here a bird turns its wing round and makes it like an umbrella to hunt a fish. Seeing whom the fishes come to her and she hunts them.

watch video here

In the video you can see that a black colored bird is searching for prey, it looks at its prey very carefully inside the water and folds both its wings near its head like this. That he is an umbrella and pounces on the prey as soon as he gets a chance. He repeats the same process again and again. This method of bird hunting is really very different which you have hardly ever seen before.

The video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @leedsbirder. Which has been seen more than one crore times. Apart from this, more than 17 thousand people have liked the video and their feedback is being given by commenting. One user wrote, ‘This bird uses its wings like an umbrella while hunting, so that it can protect itself from the reflection of light coming from the water.’ On the other hand, another user wrote that the bird is shy and does not want to show its face to anyone while eating. Apart from this, many more people are giving their feedback by commenting.

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