The bike rider became the victim of a terrible accident, the soul of the people trembled after watching the video

There is no assurance of accidents, they happen anywhere, anytime, but if you are careful, then its chances can definitely be reduced. You must be aware of how many accidents are happening on the roads these days. Recently a report came, in which it was told that in the year 2021, road accidents in India killed more than 1.5 lakh people. That is why it is said that one should always walk carefully on the road, while driving, care should be taken everywhere back and forth. social media But nowadays such a terrible road accident The video of is going viral, after watching which your hair will stand.

Actually, in this video a bike rider becomes a victim of a terrible accident, but miraculously his life is saved. Death just touches it and leaves. In the video you can see that speeding vehicles are passing from the road in front, while a car is parked on the other side of the road, so that when there is a red light, it crosses the road, but the bike rider has only so much time to wait. does not happen. He tries to cross the road in restlessness, but then a speeding truck starts passing by him. In such a situation, the bike rider also falls in his grip. The truck bounces him along with the bike. At first it seems that the bike rider has lost his life, but eventually his life is saved.

Watch this shocking incident

This heart-wrenching video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @AccidentTraffi3. This 7-second video has been viewed more than 33 thousand times so far, while hundreds of people have also liked the video.

At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video. Some are telling this accident as ‘Final Destination’, and some are saying that the bike rider had reached very close to God.

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