The bear did a funny pole dance during the eradication of itching, will be able to see the video

Videos of many animals go viral on social media every day. Video It is also being liked a lot by the users. many times after seeing Laughter When it comes, many times such videos make our day. A similar video has surfaced these days. After seeing which your day will surely be made. The cute antics of the dreaded and wild animal like bear attracts people very much. Now look at this video in front where the bear where the bear does such an act, after seeing which people are laughing a lot.

In the forest, you must have seen this creature doing more than one strange thing till date. But, you may not have seen pole dancing, that too itchy. In this video going viral, you can see how a big bear on the roadside is removing its itching from the pole. Seeing him, it seems as if he is doing pole dancing. The bear is having great fun doing this. Apart from this, the way in which the bear is seen rubbing its back with the pole, it is seen like the hook steps of a pole dance. His way of eradicating itching was so unique, because after watching his video, people got tired of the whole day.

Watch the video of the bear here

This video has been shared by an account named @buitengebieden. Which has 1.6 million followers and is known for sharing interesting posts from all over the world. Millions of people have watched the video so far. Whereas, more than 22 lakh people have liked the video. People are also constantly giving their own feedback on this. A user wrote on the video, ‘This dance made his day’. While the other wrote, ‘I saw a dancing bear for the first time in my life’. Another user wrote, ‘Her style of eradicating itching was so unique.’ So how did you like the dance of the bear and tell me by commenting.

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