Thara Fufa is still alive…

Did you like Satish Kaushik’s film?Paper‘ You must have seen, in which Pankaj Tripathi Was in lead role. He played the character of a common man who was declared dead in government papers. To prove himself alive, which papads the actor has to roll, this is his story. The film was inspired by true events. same thing now Haryana Also seen in . Here a 102-year-old man was declared dead in government papers, then he reached the DC office as a bridegroom and took a unique procession to prove himself alive. social media But its video is going viral.

Actually, the matter is such that 102-year-old Dulichand, a resident of Gandhara village in Rohtak, Haryana, was declared dead by the Haryana government and his old age pension was stopped. For the last 6 months, he was making rounds of government offices for his pension, but there was no hearing, after which he took a unique path. He reached the DC office as a bridegroom with a bandwagon.

In the video you can see that 102-year-old Dulichand is riding on a horse cart posing as a groom and there are many banners next to him, in which it is written that ‘I am alive’, on some it is written that ‘Thara’ Fufa is still alive’. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

See how the elderly reached DC office with a procession with a bandwagon

On Wednesday, former Aam Aadmi Party state president Naveen Jaihind had a press conference in Rohtak, in which he told that Dulichand’s last pension came on March 2. After that he was declared dead and his old age pension was stopped.

He said that 102-year-old Dulichand is our heritage, he should be given not only pension but also all kinds of facilities by the government, because very few elderly people of such old age are left in Haryana. At the same time, in the press conference, the elderly Dulichand also said that ‘I am still alive, I am not dead’.

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