Tears in eyes… the bride reached the pavilion with the picture of the late father in her hand, watch the emotional video

Wedding day is very special for every girl. every bride wishes wedding His family, especially parents, stay with him on the day. But if one of these is not there, then imagine how it would feel. At present, there is a similar trend on social media. bride video It is becoming very viral, in which she enters the wedding pavilion with moist eyes with a picture of her late father. bride’s entry Everyone’s eyes have become moist after seeing this video of.

The bride seen in the viral video has been identified as Priyanka Bhati. His story has been shared by ‘Humans of Bombay’ on his Instagram account. Priyanka tells that when she was only 9 years old, cancer took her father away from her. Recalling those days, Priyanka says, ‘Papa used to fulfill my every wish. I like mango a lot. There was always a box of mangoes in the house then. He told that in the last two years, Papa was diagnosed with cancer. After that he remained in bed most of the time. But always kept asking about his daughter. Remembering her father on the occasion of marriage, tears flowed from her eyes like a waterfall.

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Dada played the role of ‘Papa’

After the death of the father, the grandfather took care of Priyanka and brought her up. Priyanka says, ‘My grandfather was very strict. Children were afraid to play around them. But after his father’s departure, he became soft. He gave me everything that I wanted. In the video, Priyanka can be seen holding Dada’s hand and going to the pavilion.

This video going viral has also moistened the eyes of the netizens. One user wrote, ‘I can totally feel it. Every father is a superhero to his daughter. No one else can take his place.’ Another user commented and wrote, ‘Your father is watching you. Don’t be sad, take care of yourself and your family. Especially Grandfather, who gave you the freedom to move forward.

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