‘Superman’ kept on riding bicycle during President’s speech, shadow video on internet

If seen, social media has left a wonderful impression on people in the last few years. there was a time when social media What happens, how it is used, how any thing will go viral, all these people were unaware, but today people all over the world know that on social media Videos And how to make photos viral. Thousands of videos are viral here every day, some of which are very funny, seeing which people laugh and laugh and there are some surprising videos too. These days a similar video is becoming increasingly viral on the internet.

The President of any country is the most important person of that country. There is tight security before his speech so that no one can kill the bird, but these days a video of Chile has surfaced. In which President Gabriel Boric is giving a speech and a child is riding a bicycle in front of him as Superman.

watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see President Gabriel Borrick calling on people to vote in favor of a new constitution. Meanwhile, a child comes dressed as Superman and is cycling around them. Seeing this, it seems that he was not even aware of this.

The video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @davidrkadler. Which has been seen by more than 1.33 thousand people who wrote the news and their feedback is being given through comments. One user wrote, ‘The courage of this child has to be praised.’ On the other hand, another user wrote, ‘All this is a mistake of the security system.’ Apart from this, many more people have given their feedback. For your information, let us tell you that Boric is the youngest President in the history of South American nation. Who took the oath of office at the age of 36.

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