Strong earthquake tremors in Taiwan, broken house-overturned train; horrifying video viral

Taiwan Strong tremors of earthquake have been felt in the southeast area of. Some are saying that these earthquakes were of 6.8 magnitude, while the US Geological Survey says that the magnitude of this earthquake is 7.2. Along with this, he has also told that the epicenter of the earthquake was 10 km below the earth. This earthquake has caused heavy damage to Taiwan. In many places, buildings have collapsed, bridges have been broken and train coaches have also been overturned. Although this natural calamity No casualty has been reported so far, but tsunami A warning has definitely been issued.

According to media reports, after the earthquake here, the United States Tsunami Warning Center has issued a tsunami warning, saying that dangerous tsunami waves may arise near the Taiwan Sea coast. At the same time, the Meteorological Department of Japan has also given a similar warning. He also says that one meter high tsunami waves can be formed here. Various types of videos related to this earthquake are becoming viral on social media, in which it can be seen what kind of devastation the earthquake has caused. In some videos the bridges are seen to be completely damaged, in some the entire building has collapsed, while in some videos it is also seen that the roads are torn from place to place.

Watch the devastation of the Taiwan earthquake in the video

Earlier on Saturday, many strong tremors of the earthquake were felt. More than 100 earthquake tremors have been felt in Taiwan in the last two days. Due to this, public services have been badly affected, including rail service. In many places, the metro has been temporarily closed.

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