Spare the children, man… People raging on the reel of the innocent surrounded by monkeys

Spare the children, man… People raging on the reel of the innocent surrounded by monkeys

Baby Girl Surrounded By Monkeys Video: An innocent on social media these days The video of the child is becoming very viral Seeing which the netizens are in awe and are furious. In fact, in the viral clip baby girl surrounded by monkeys is visible. During this, the monkeys sometimes pull the girl’s leg, and sometimes try to touch and hug her. Now seeing this video, people are furious that how can anyone leave his child among the animals.

This video seems to have been shot inside a fort. In the video, you can see that a girl is sitting near the wall, while many monkey children have surrounded her. During this, the monkeys try to touch the innocent girl. It can be seen in the video that at one point the girl gets scared even after touching the animals. But the surprising thing is that despite this, the person keeps filming this video. Now people are furious about this clip and are giving different reactions.

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This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named magic._.editz_. Till the time of writing the news, about 8 lakh people have liked the video. However, people are talking different things on the video. Many people are lashing out at the girl’s parents for leaving her with such animals.

One user has written, such parents should be punished, who are careless towards their children. At the same time, while commenting, another user has asked, how can parents play with the lives of their children like this? Commenting on another user wrote, keep children away from animals, they can harm them. Another user has written, to what extent is it right to risk the lives of children to make reels? Spare the children for the reel man.

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