Some such snake climbed on the wall, people watching the video said – Oh wonderful! Perfect Snake Game

on social media these days snake One such video of is going viral, which has made people ‘snake game‘ is reminded of. Yes, the same game that you must have played in a mobile phone sometime or the other. In this game, the snake grows in a terrifying way and moves forward, which you try to prevent from hitting the walls of the mobile screen. in viral clip sonoran mountain kingsnake Something is seen climbing on a wall, seeing that you too will remember the popular ‘snake game’ of the 2000s.

You must have seen snakes crawling on the ground or climbing trees by coiling them, but have you seen any snake climbing a straight wall? That too while climbing like a lizard. If you haven’t seen it, take a look now. In the video going viral, a king snake climbs a brick wall in such a way that you will miss the ‘snake game’ found in Nokia phones. Whoever saw this video of kingsnake is stunned.

Watch the video of King Snake climbing the wall here

This video of a snake climbing a wall has been shared on Facebook by Coronado National Memorial. Along with this, it is written that this is the Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake, which was found climbing the wall of the memorial in the past. This video shared on October 1 is becoming increasingly viral. So far, more than 2.8 lakh views have come on the video, while a thousand more people have liked it. This number is continuously increasing. At the same time, the users who were stunned after watching the video are fiercely registering their own reactions. One user has written, it reminded me of Nokia’s snake game. At the same time, another user has written, this snake also looks quite amazing.

Sonoran mountain kingsnakes are medium-sized snakes with red, black and white crossbands on their bodies. According to the Kingsnake website, Sonoran Mountain kingsnakes are found in the central and southeastern mountainous regions of Arizona.

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