So happy…the little child enjoyed the rain by lying on the road, people said- So cute; watch video

While the people of Delhi are still on the path of raining black clouds openly, there rain enjoying one baby video There is a lot of panic in the ‘world’ of social media. You will surely remember your childhood after watching this video. This clip, which went viral, is only a few seconds, but seeing the happiness on the face of the child, it seems as if he has won the whole world. In the video, the child is lying on the road enjoy the rain Can be seen lifting.

In the video going viral, you can see that a small child starts swinging in the joy of rain. After this, after going out on the road, he starts enjoying the drops of water falling on his face. The child is only in half pants. Meaning, he had already planned to enjoy the rain. You can see how happy the baby is. He starts enjoying the rain by sitting comfortably on the road. Now seeing this video people are remembering their childhood. Believe me, after watching this video a smile will float on your face.

Watch the video of the child enjoying the rain here

The video from this cute has been shared on Twitter with the handle name @buitengebieden. The user wrote in the caption, ‘This is called real happiness.’ The viral clip is just 8 seconds, but social media users are liking this video a lot. How much people are liking this video, it can be gauged from the fact that about 5 million i.e. 50 lakh views have come on this video uploaded a day ago. This number is continuously increasing. At the same time, many people have commented on the video.

Commenting on a user, it is worth seeing the happiness on the child’s face. At the same time, another user says, the fun of living life freely is something else. Another user has written while commenting, who does not like to get wet in the rain. Overall, this video has managed to grab the attention of the netizens.

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