So does Rahul Gandhi wear a T-shirt worth Rs 41 thousand, this picture went viral

After 8 years away from the power of the Center Congress It has now realized that if the political ground is to be strengthened, then it has to hit the road. So, the party from 7 September’india couple travel‘ is on. Congress is calling it a massive public relations campaign. This journey is of total 3570 kms. Meanwhile, the former President of Congress Rahul Gandhi Got a different view of it. Instead of kurta pyjama, he appeared in T-shirt and pants. But people’s attention was on their shoes. After which everyone started to know the price of the shoes. Now BJP has started a new debate by telling the price of his T-shirt.

BJP has shared a picture of Rahul Gandhi wearing a T-shirt from its Twitter handle, in which it has been told which company and the price of the T-shirt worn by the former Congress President. According to the post, Rahul Gandhi is wearing a polo T-shirt of British luxury fashion brand Burberry, which costs 41 thousand 257 rupees. Along with this, BJP has written tauntingly, Look at India! Now a new debate has started on this post, people are talking about different things. Before that, see BJP’s tweet.

41 thousand t-shirts?

people’s reactions

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