Sitting on the back seat of Splendor, Uncle showed ‘Hero’ stunt, people said – ‘This is bike auto pilot mode’

If we look at the world of the Internet, then it is very unique. What do people do here in the process of making themselves a sensation. After seeing whom many times we Laughter When it comes, many times such videos are seen there. Those who are surprised after seeing them. Especially stunt The matter of videos is different. These days the video of a similar stunt remains a topic of discussion among the people. After seeing that, you will also press your fingers under your teeth.

In this video, a man is seen doing stunts with ‘Hero Splendor’ bike without worrying about his life. This video is surprising because here the person is sitting on the back seat of the bike and running it. It means to say that the bike is accelerating on its own and Uncle is seen enjoying it sitting behind the bike with pleasure.

Watch the shocking video of the stunt here

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In the video going viral, you can see that a man is seen sitting behind a road bike and controlling it with certainty. Looking at his coolness, it seems as if this dangerous stunt is just a game for him! Actually, Uncle is able to do this because he has tied a handkerchief on the accelerator of the bike. Because of which he is running on the road while hitting the bike.

This video has been shared on Instagram on a page named memes___roast. Till the time of writing the news, lakhs of people have seen and commented and their reactions are being given by commenting. While many people have praised the person’s stunt, there are many people who are telling this stunt to invite an accident. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘This is not a Tesla bike, is it not.. which the person is controlling in this way.’ On the other hand, another user commented on the video and wrote, ‘The bike seems to be on auto pilot mode.’ Another user wrote, ‘Keep distance from stunts and follow traffic rules.’

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