Should I leave my husband for my lover? Woman asked ChatGPT, got this answer

Should I leave my husband for my lover?  Woman asked ChatGPT, got this answer

Woman Asked Question From ChatGPT: A married woman gave her heart to a non-man. After being in an affair for six months, she was confused whether she should pursue her love life or continue living with her husband. To deal with this situation, the woman artificial intelligence app resorting to. He asked AI- should i leave my husband for my lover, You will also be stunned to know the answer given by AI on this.

Let us tell you that these days the discussion of ChatGPT for Artificial Intelligence is in full swing. Yes, why not. Actually, this is such a chatbot, which has won the hearts of people by seeing accurate answers to their questions. This is the reason that ChatGPT has become very popular among internet users very soon. In such a situation, when 37-year-old Sara asked ChatGPT whether she should call off her 5-year marriage for her boyfriend? Knowing the answer given by the chatbot on this, you too will be left wondering.

According to Sara, who works in the tech sector, she was using a dating app for married people. Here he became friends with a person and then this friendship turned into love. She was in an affair with this non-man for the last six months. She tells that she knew about ChatGPT. He thought, why not clear his confusion with the chatbot itself. So he asked the chatbot the most important question of his life.

and left her husband

According to Mirror’s report, Sara asked AI- should she leave her failed marriage and concentrate on her love life. The woman says that she had asked the app to write a story on the current situation. According to Sara, this experience of hers was amazing. He says that apart from talking about his problems, ChatGPT also thought about his happiness. At the end of the story AI told that they should put their happiness first. For example, the husband should be left. Surprisingly, Sarah accepted AI’s advice and divorced her husband.

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