SHOCKING! Wanted to hunt little ‘Gajraj’, the ‘devil of water’, see how mother saved her life in the video

Be it human or animal, when someone is in trouble, then tolerate Does not happen. People give their lives to save that. This is the reason why mother’s relationship is considered the most precious in the world. There is only one mother in the world who fights even with God for her child. In recent times one such Video is going viral. In which an elephant fights with a crocodile to save its child.

The anger of the elephant in the forest is considered the most dangerous. When it gets angry, it destroys the whole forest in an instant. If someone touches its child, then its anger reaches to the seventh heaven. The ‘water devil’ was not aware of this, which is why he made the mistake of attacking its child. What was it then, the elephant showed such a fierce form that even the crocodile would think a hundred times before hunting further.

watch video here

In the video you can see that a crocodile grabs the trunk of the baby elephant and tries to make it prey by taking it underwater. After being caught by the crocodile, the child starts chirping loudly, you can feel both pain and panic in his voice. In this, on hearing the voice of the child, his mother turns and moves to save her and attacks the crocodile who attacked the child. The elephant attacks like this, the crocodile’s air becomes tight and at the end of the video the mother wins and the crocodile has to run away from there by pressing its tail. This shocking video was shared by IAS officer Supriya Sahu on Twitter. On the video, people are seen praising the courage of the mother. Till the time of writing the news, more than 40 thousand people have seen this video.

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