Shocking Video! To go to the window seat in the plane, the woman jumped over the passengers, people said – this is a criminal activity!

Imagine that you are traveling in a flight and suddenly a passenger jumps over you to reach the second seat, what will be your first reaction? It is obvious that you will be shocked by the behavior of that passenger. These days, one such strange video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which a female passenger jumps over the passengers to go to the window seat in the middle flight. Now the netizens are very angry after seeing this video. People say that this is definitely one of the worst cases of traveling with rude passengers on a plane.

You must have noticed in crowded trains that people sometimes climb up like Spiderman to reach the door and reach there somehow, but what if something similar is seen in the plane. If you do not believe our words, then watch this video which is going viral. In the video, you can see that a woman reaches the passenger’s chair, crossing her feet to reach the window seat inside the passenger plate. During this, another passenger captured this strange act of the woman in the mobile camera and uploaded it on social media. Now after watching this video, people are cursing the woman fiercely for her rude behavior. Before that let’s watch this video.

Watch the woman’s video here

A Twitter user named Brandon has shot this video. Sharing it on the micro-blogging site, he wrote, ‘The most criminal activity I have ever seen on a plane. This woman was boarding other passengers during the entire 7-hour flight. In the video you can see that a small child is visible in the lap of one of the passengers on whom the woman reaches the window seat. If the woman wanted, she could have asked him to stand up and give way. But it was not considered necessary to ask and you can see how she goes to the window seat.

Netizens are also very agitated after seeing this clip of just 19 seconds. Most of the people have heard a lot about the rude behavior of the female passenger. Overall, most people are furious after watching this video.

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