Shocking Video! The train passed over the person, the railway worker came as an angel at the last moment and saved his life

There is a saying ‘Accident took a long time, death was averted by caution.’ In many places, it is also seen written like this, but in spite of all this, some people ignore it and become a victim of an accident in a hurry. Most of such cases are seen at the railway station or at the railway gates. When people are unable to keep patience and lose their lives in accidents in the race to reach the destination quickly. It is better that it is right for a while, but your life will be safe. You must have noticed that often at the railway station, to go from one platform to another, instead of over bridge, it is more appropriate to get down on the tracks and go to the other side. But it can also prove to be fatal. At present, a video of a railway station in West Bengal is going viral on social media, in which the vigilance of a railway worker saved the life of a fellow. Now after the video of this incident surfaced, people are praising this railway worker fiercely.

This shocking incident took place on Thursday at Balichak station of Kharagpur Railway Division of West Midnapore. Where a person was saved from a train accident due to the vigilance and indomitable courage of railway worker Satish Kumar. As you can see in the video going viral, there is not much hustle and bustle at Balichak station. Meanwhile, railway staff Satish Kumar comes to the platform to flag off a goods train. In the video you can see that during this suddenly his eyes fall on the railway track and he starts running straight. Actually, someone falls on the railway track, to save whom Satish Kumar runs. After this, without caring about his life, Satish jumps on the track and takes the person away from there.

Watch the shocking video here

In the video you can see that as soon as the railway worker takes the person to the other side. The train passes from there at the same time. A life is saved by the help of a railway worker.

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