Shocking Video! The girl kicked the police officer by holding the collar, people said – it seems that two legs are too much

A very shocking video has surfaced on social media, in which a girl is seen holding a police officer’s collar on the middle of the road. Seeing the video, it can be guessed that the police must have stopped her on some mistake of the girl in the car. After which instead of accepting her mistake, she got entangled with the opposite officer. In the video, the girl can be seen getting into a scuffle with the police officer. However, where is this video from? There is no information about this, but people are sharing it fiercely on social media.

This video was first shared on Twitter by a journalist named Sagar Kumar, which has spread like a forest fire. In the viral clip, you can see that it is night time and a girl is misbehaving with a police officer at a traffic signal. During this the officer does nothing and only tolerates abusive behavior. The girl is seen holding the officer’s collar and threatening him continuously for some unknown reason. The girl’s voice is not clear in the video, but it looks like she is drunk and abusing the officer. The girl would sometimes try to grab the officer’s hair, sometimes she would try to kick him.

See how the girl threatened the police by holding the collar

Sharing the video, a user named Seema Rastogi from @RestogiSeema Twitter handle wrote, #VideoViral of another angel. See how a policeman is standing holding the collar of the officer’s uniform and the policeman is helpless.

People are fiercely sharing this video of the helplessness of the police in front of the girl. Some people have appealed to give more power to the police, tagging Amit Shah and the Ministry of Home Affairs. One user has written while commenting, it seems that two legs are too much.

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