Shocking Video: A person suddenly died while walking on the road, died in a second!

No matter how much progress a person makes, but he can never be under one thing and that is death. It is said that no one knows when death will come, where, to whom. It is not in the hands of humans to stop it. Had it been, then perhaps humans would have lived for thousands of years, but they have a fixed age, under which humans can live only for 100-125 years. Although research is going on continuously about how to increase the lifespan of humans, but at the moment it does not seem to be possible. Well, you must have seen that if a person lives for 100 years, then someone soon dies. Somebody goes into the lap of death while sleeping, and death falls on someone while walking. Nowadays a video of one such person is going viral, which has surprised everyone.

You must have seen that many people become victims of accidents while walking on the road and lose their lives. Something similar is seen in this video as well. In the video you can see that a man and a woman are walking together when a ‘tire-like death’ falls on the person and he piles up there. Maybe his back is broken. During this, the woman tries to lift him, but he does not get up nor is he able to move. Perhaps he dies because of the tire falling on the body. Seeing this creepy video, anyone’s soul should tremble.

See how ‘death’ fell on the person

This hair-raising video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named Crazy Tweets. After watching this video, people have made different types of comments. Someone is surprised and asking ‘Did he die?’, then someone is commenting saying that ‘his skull is broken, but he survived’. However, the way the tire fell on the man, it does not seem that his life would have been saved.

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