SHOCKING! 30 year old tree fell within three seconds in the temple, ‘God’s miracle’ seen in live video

in the last few years social media He has left a wonderful mark on the whole world. There was a time when people did not realize its power, at that time people used it only to send messages to each other but now the time has changed. Here with news from around the world Entertainment Full arrangements are also made. But many such videos are found here. Which is surprising to see. One such shocking video is in the headlines at the moment. After seeing which you will also be surprised.

Only a strong storm or wind can bring down a big one! But if you think so, then it is absolutely wrong because sometimes trees fall on their own. A similar video has surfaced these days from a temple in Jaipur, where a huge peepal tree fell on its own. Everyone is surprised to see that.

watch video here

The matter is being told of Shri Ram Pal’s Bajali temple in Bhankrota area of ​​Jaipur. Where a thirty year old tree fell within just three seconds. At the time when this tree fell, many people were sitting there under it, but even by the grace of God, people narrowly escaped. Surprisingly, during which the tree fell, neither there was a storm nor there was a storm, but the tree fell on its own. It is being told that this incident happened at around 8.30 pm on Thursday. During this, the program of Sawamani was going on inside the temple, due to which more than 150 people had come there to attend the program.

The treasurer of this temple, Ganesh Yadav told that such a big incident happened in the temple but there was no scratch on the devotees who were blessed by Balaji. It had become weak, due to which it happened.

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