Seeing ‘Nagraj’, chimpanzees started jumping like this due to fear, you will be left laughing after watching the video

snake Seeing this, the condition of not only humans, but also animals becomes thin. At least seeing this video going viral, it looks like this. It happened that the chimpanzee’s family was roaming in their enclosure. then little chimpanzee A snake comes in his hand. Whatever happens after this, you will also be laughing after seeing it. It can be seen in the video that on seeing ‘Nagraj’, two adult chimpanzees start jumping and jumping in such panic, like a human suddenly does after seeing a snake.

In the video going viral, you can see a young chimpanzee walking in the enclosure with two adult chimpanzees. Now children remain children. Be it human or animal. Here too the little chimpanzee starts doing mischief. Then a snake knocked down from the tree growing in the enclosure. During this, the little chimpanzee moves away from there with great speed. But maybe adult chimpanzees weren’t ready for this. After getting very close to the snake, they start jumping in fear that even your laughter will be out of control.

On seeing the snake, chimpanzees started jumping out of fear, watch video

This video of chimpanzees has been shared on Twitter with the handle @santoshsaagr. The user wrote in the caption, ‘The fear of snakes is not only in humans.’ This clip of a few seconds is becoming increasingly viral on social media. So far it has been seen 13 thousand times. At the same time, after watching the video, Twitter users are continuously registering their feedback.

One user commented and wrote, ‘Children, whether human or animal, are naughty and curious.’ At the same time, another user has written while commenting, I am scared. Another user has written while commenting, these are also human types.

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