Seeing himself in the mirror, he was confused, considering himself as an enemy, he competed with his own shadow.

Many videos of animals come on the internet every day. Which is used by thousands of people here every day. Videos are viral, some of which are very funny, which people see laughingly If there is a lot, then there are some surprising videos too. You must be looking at the mirror everyday, but have you seen animals looking at the mirror and running away in fear of it?

Children, whether human or animal, seem to have the same love. This is the reason that when a video related to them comes on the Internet, it is covered. Now look at this video that surfaced where a dog starts barking after seeing himself in the mirror. Looking at him, it seems that he does not understand that this is his reflection.

watch video here

In the video you can see how the dog is reacting by looking at himself in the mirror. He himself is barking loudly in the mirror. He feels as if the animal in front is someone else who is his enemy. Actually, he feels that someone else is sitting in front and he is also reacting in the same way. He remains confused for a long time whether he is looking at himself in the mirror or someone else is standing in front of him. Along with his barking, his tail is also moving, which looks very cute to see.

This funny video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the ID named @buitengebieden_ and the caption reads, Puppy vs mirror… This video of just 7 seconds has got more than 14 lakh views so far, while more than 58 thousand people have also liked the video. One user wrote, ‘Very cute baby and nothing can be better on the internet than this.’ While the other wrote, ‘Hey someone remove it or else it will keep barking.’ Apart from this, many other users have made funny comments on this.

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