Put your hand in the lion’s cage, then the soul will tremble to see what happened; watch video

if you Zoo If you have gone, you must have noticed that some people try to tease animals in cages, due to which they become aggressive. This is the situation when the zoo administration, through big boards, alerts people to stay away from the dreaded animals. But some people are of bad mind and become victims of serious accidents. At present, social media But one such surprising video is going viral, in which it can be seen how a person fun with lion It was hard to do. If weak hearted don’t watch this video, then it is good.

A person who came to visit the zoo did not know what to think and put his hand in the lion’s cage. Whatever happens after this, seeing anyone’s hair stand. Seeing the video, it seems that the lion got enraged by the action of the fellow and immediately grabbed his hand. In the video you can see that as soon as the person puts his hand in the lion’s cage, the lion grabs him in the jaw. The man screams in pain and then tries his best to free his hand from the lion’s clutches. You can see that another person is present next to him, but he does not have the courage to free the person from the clutches of the lion. Thankfully, after a few seconds, the person manages to get his hand free.

Watch the video here, when the lion caught the man’s hand

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This video that went viral is only a few seconds, but after watching it, hardly anyone would think of making such a mistake. At first it seemed that today this man will lose his hands. But he was lucky that the lion’s grip loosened and Bandh managed to save his hand.

This video has been shared on Instagram with an account named earth.reel. Hundreds of people have liked it so far, but most of the users are shocked after watching the video. One user has written while commenting, there is a limit to stupidity. At the same time, another user has written, the boy should be punished for his mistake. Another user has written, some people will not deter their antics.

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