‘Papa’s angel’ scared of cow, see what happened in the process of making a video

social media What do people do to be popular in the ‘world’? Especially, Instagram But to remain dominant, millions of users keep uploading reels every day. Do you know when to come into the limelight? But sometimes people also make headlines on the Internet because of their strange actions. Now just watch this video. A girl had gone to make a reel, but perhaps a cow present there did not like her tremors. Seeing what happened then, you too will not stop laughing. So you also watch this video and enjoy.

In the video going viral, a girl is seen making a reel. You can see that a cow is also standing there. As soon as the girl tries to dance, the cow gets furious. Whatever happens after this, seeing it, you will also be forced to laugh holding your stomach. It can be seen in the video that soon after posing towards the camera, the cow flares up and runs towards it. Then what was there. The girl is forced to run away from there on the opposite foot. So let’s watch this funny video.

See in the video, the girl was making a reel and the cow got angry

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The girl who made the reel shared the video and wrote, ‘This happened in the end.’ It has been shared on Instagram by a user named Shivanigiri_. People are liking this video a lot and it is also tickling. So far more than 42 thousand people have liked it. At the same time, most of the users have reacted through emoticons in the comment section.

Commenting on a user wrote, you did not give any step to the cow, so she got angry on you. At the same time, another user says that maybe the cow is saying – come on, let me make a reel. Another user has written while commenting, God is also giving a message, now – get better. Overall, this video of the girl has managed to grab the attention of the netizens.

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