‘Papa Ki Pari’ was showing dance moves wearing hills in the rain, then the thunder of lightning made the game

Videos of different types of dances and amazing stunts go viral on social media every day. Video Liked a lot too. This is the reason why these videos become viral faster than any other video. In recent times too, a similar video was made among the people. Discussion is in. After seeing that, believe me, you too will not be able to control your laughter.

Most of the women are fond of wearing high heel sandals. She feels that high heel sandals make her personality more attractive. Some like to wear them only on special occasions, while there are some who think of dancing wearing them but not necessarily every time the performance wins the hearts of the people, many times they become a victim of OOPS movement. Something similar is going viral these days. In which a girl is making short videos on the terrace. However, during this time something happens to him, seeing that hardly anyone can control his laughter.

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In the video that surfaced, it can be seen that two girls have secretly reached the terrace to make a short video. To make her video more special, the woman is wearing heels, but it turns out to be her biggest mistake. Actually the girl was thinking of making a video of herself in the rainy season. During this there is a loud thunder of lightning. Due to which the girl gets scared badly and falls standing there and all her plan flops.

This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named beautiful_new_pix. Till the time of writing the news, thousands of people have seen and liked it and their reactions are being given through comments. One user commented on the video and wrote, ‘And do dance wearing hills..!, while another user wrote, ‘Who told you to dance wearing hills in this way in the rain.’

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