‘Papa is in police, will shoot,’ crying innocent threatens teacher, video goes viral

You will notice that in the last few days a school kid video There was a lot of shadow on different platforms of social media, in which the child even kisses his cheeks to convince his angry teacher. The child was identified as Atharv Singh, who studies in LKG in a school in Prayagraj. now Twitter But the video of another innocent has caught the attention of the netizens. In which this child is seen threatening his teacher in the style of crying big boys. Now people are talking different things about this video.

In the video going viral, the innocent has threatened the teacher in such a way that even you will not believe your ears after hearing it. In the video you can see that the child crying to his teacher says- ‘My father is in the police.’ On this the madam says- ‘Then what to do.’ On this the child says- ‘will kill the bullet.’ Then the teacher asks whom? In response the child says- ‘You.’ Madam laughs at this. After this she asks the child- ‘Don’t you like to study?’ So let’s watch this video first.

The child threatened the teacher – father is in the police, watch the video

The video of this child threatening the teacher with great innocence has been shared on Twitter with the handle @Gulzar_sahab. The user wrote in the caption, ‘My father is in the police.’ This clip of a few seconds is creating a ruckus on the internet. However, there is a mixed reaction of people on this. Some people have found the video quite funny, while some say that such thinking in young children is a matter of concern.

‘Children speak what they see in the house’

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