Pakistanis are also good, Indian CEO told a unique story of ‘Jab We Met’

Independence Since then, relations between India and neighboring Pakistan have never been good. Pakistan has always been spewing venom against India. This is the reason why Indians could never trust Pakistanis. But such a story of friendship of two girls of these two countries has come to the fore, which is winning the hearts of the people. of India Sneha Biswas told on social media how they met on the first day at Harvard Business School pakistani girl And how this meeting changed his attitude towards the people of the neighboring country. He says that the people of both the countries are similar and can also be good friends.

Sneha Biswas is the CEO of Early Steps Academy. He has shared the story of his friendship with a Pakistani girl on LinkedIn, which is being appreciated by the netizens. Sneha told that her friend is a resident of Islamabad, Pakistan. She met him on the first day at Harvard Business School. Sneha says that it took them only a few seconds to understand and like each other in this meeting and by the end of the first semester, the two became best friends. Not only this, Sneha has also told how their friendship grew deeper.

That’s how the first meeting happened

Continuing the story of their friendship, Sneha has written, ‘From drinking tea together, eating biryani to preparing for financial models and case studies together, we got to know and understand each other a lot.’ Let us tell you that the story of growing up in a conservative Pakistani environment touched Sneha’s heart. Sneha says that her friend’s parents are very supportive, who gave courage to their daughters to fulfill their dreams.

Sneha has also shared a picture, in which both she and her Pakistani friend are seen waving the flags of their respective countries with cute smiles. About 42 thousand people have liked Sneha’s LinkedIn post. This number is continuously increasing. At the same time, people are fiercely registering their reactions on the post.

Commenting on a user, wrote, friendship does not see any religion or nationality. At the same time, another user says, we have built a wall between each other and we have to break it. Another user says, we are human before anything. It totally depends on us how we see things and what we want to show to the society. People are making such heart touching comments.

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