Optical Illusion: The challenge is… you will also see the cubes moving, but both are fixed in their place

Such pictures often appear on social media, which create confusion. These pictures challenge your sharp eyesight and brain coordination. these only optical illusion is called. At present, a similar picture has surfaced on the internet which is curdling people’s mind. Actually, there are two cubes in the picture. Both are stable. But when you see him, you will see him walking around. If you do not believe our words, then see for yourself. Trust me, you will be stunned to see this optical illusion.

This optical illusion picture was shared for the first time on micro-blogging site Twitter with the handle @jagarikin. In which two cubes are seen moving in opposite directions. But for your information, let us tell you that both these cubes are stable in their place. They are not moving in the slightest. Actually, this picture is working in a way to deceive your mind through your eyes. So let’s first see this optical illusion.

So did you see the cubes moving too?

In viral optical illusion, the image and size of cubes are shown through different color effects such that when your eyes look at them, your brain thinks that the cubes are moving in opposite directions. This is a wonderful illusion, which is creating confusion for everyone.

The video shared in gif format has also been shared by another Twitter user Steve Stewart Williams. Apart from this, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk was also attracted to see this illusion. So now you tell whether you are also seen roaming around in the picture.

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