Optical Illusion: Deer is hidden somewhere in this picture, only those who find it in 9 seconds will be called ‘Super Genius’

optical illusion ie optical illusion They are very mind-twisting. Some pictures are easy, in which there is no special problem in finding hidden things, but there are some pictures which make the ‘curd of the mind’. People sweat to find the things hidden inside them. Taking some pictures of optical illusions, it is claimed that 99 percent of people fail to solve them. By the way, the things that are asked to find in the pictures are present in front of the eyes, but they are not visible quickly. No matter how much you pay attention, it’s hard to find. These pictures confuse me.

Actually, the pictures of optical illusion are such that there is a green forest and some green animal is hidden somewhere in the same forest. Now it is obvious that it will be difficult to find any green creature from the greenery all around, because it will not be easily visible. We have brought one such picture for you. A deer is hidden in this picture, which is quite challenging to find, because it is not easily visible. If you find it within 9 seconds it means you are very ‘genius’. By the way, it is being claimed that only three percent people have been able to find the deer hidden among the stones.

Are you in those three percent?

In the picture you can see that there is a pile of rocks on the slope of the mountain, in which all kinds of stones are present. Somewhere in the middle of these stones, a deer is hiding, finding which can prove to be a big challenge for you. You only have 9 seconds to complete this challenge.

If you still haven’t seen the deer, then let’s give a hint. He is sitting lurking right in the middle of the picture. If you look carefully, you will definitely see his face.

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