Optical Illusion: Bat is hiding among cats, can you find it in 11 seconds?

Optical Illusion: Bat is hiding among cats, can you find it in 11 seconds?

optical illusion, which optical illusion It is also said, loosens the nerves of the brain. Today we have brought one such optical illusion for you, which will blow your mind. In this picture, a bat is hiding among the cats, finding which is no less than the challenge of climbing a high mountain without getting tired. If your eyes are as sharp as that of an eagle, then you will not have much trouble in finding that hidden bat, but you will be called sharp-eyed like an eagle only when you Bat Will find it within 11 seconds. So get ready and run your mind like a horse and find that hidden bat.

Optical illusion is also called the deception of the eyes. They really cheat, because there is something else hidden inside the picture, while people see something else at first sight. Such a web of illusion is spread in such pictures that the viewers get trapped in it and they are not able to come out of that illusion. Such pictures often go viral on social media. Although some optical illusions are such that it is easy to find hidden things inside them, while some pictures make the brain curd.

Now look at this picture. In this, a herd of cats is visible from a line and somewhere in the middle of them a bat is sitting hiding, but it is not in everyone’s capability to see it. Can you tell where the bat is hiding? But yes, keep in mind that you have only 11 seconds to find it.

Have you seen a bat?

By the way, if you claim that your eyes are as sharp as an eagle, then we can believe that you must have seen that bat, but to those who did not see the bat, we tell the answer. The bat is actually the third from the right in the fifth row from the bottom of the picture, by looking at its face you can differentiate it from cats.

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