On the entry of the bride, the groom did a tremendous dance on Tenu Lekhe Main Jawanga, single-handedly robbed the gathering

Wedding season may not be going on but social media But videos related to weddings and their rituals dominate. Where some of these videos are so funny that they can’t stop laughing. So there many videos are so emotional that tears come in your eyes. But many bride and groom do such amazing things here. after seeing shock Have fun with it too. One such video is going viral these days. In which the groom’s swag is worth seeing.

There was a time when the bride and groom used to perform the rituals silently in their marriage, but now the era has changed completely. Now the bride and groom openly enjoy their marriage. Now look at this video that has surfaced where a groom is seen dancing on Tenu Leke Main Jaanega after seeing his bride. Seeing his style, the eyes of the relatives present there are torn apart.

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In the video you can see that the groom goes on stage after seeing his bride and starts dancing on Tenu Lekhe Main Jawanga after looking at his bride. Seeing this passionate style of his, the people present there get impressed. It is clear from the faces of the guests present that in this marriage, the groom has robbed the gathering by his dance performance alone. Looking at the groom’s steps and expressions, it can be guessed that the groom must have practiced a lot for this.

This video has been shared on Instagram on an account named bridal_lehenga_designn. Which has got hundreds of likes and thousands of views written in the news. One user wrote, ‘The groom’s dance was really awesome.’ At the same time one wrote, ‘Man, take care of the bride a little brother..! At the same time, a user said after watching the video, ‘In earlier times, boys and girls used to be shy during marriage, but now what is the age.’ By the way, how did you like this video, tell me by commenting

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