On seeing the lioness, the leopard left sweat, ran out of the water like this – VIDEO

Leopards are counted among the most dangerous animals in the world, which attack humans as soon as they get a chance and make their prey. Although leopard No matter how dangerous they are, but they cannot be more dangerous than lions. Lions are the best in the world ferocious beast It is believed, which are not only dangerous for other wild animals, but also deadly for humans. even Tiger Like the dreaded animals also run away on seeing the lions. social media But nowadays one such video is going viral, in which some lionesses are seen getting rid of leopard’s sweat even under water. This video is quite surprising.

Actually, lioness scares a leopard who is enjoying eating prey under water. The leopard runs away on seeing them. In the video you can see that a small pond has been made in the forest for the animals to drink water and in the same pond a leopard is sitting comfortably with its prey. Meanwhile, some lionesses come there. At first the leopard does not see them, but as soon as it turns back, its eyes fall on a lioness and another lioness is running towards it from the side. Seeing this, the condition of the leopard only worsens. He comes out of the water at lightning speed and starts running while running, otherwise the lioness would have eaten him in a jiffy.

In the video, see how the leopard ran away by pressing its tail.

This video of dangerous wild animals has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the ID named @em4g1. This video of just 10 seconds has been viewed thousands of times so far.

She is lucky that the life of the leopard is saved and the lioness may not even be hungry, otherwise they catch their prey even after driving away.

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