On seeing the insects, the frogs licked their tongues, but after eating they felt ‘440 volt shock’, you will be left laughing after watching the video

social media But videos related to different types of animals often go viral, some of which are very funny and some are surprising. At the same time, there are some videos which make people emotional and bring tears to their eyes. Although people usually like to watch funny videos only and there is a lot of such videos on social media. nowadays one such video viral Happening, which is associated with frogs and insects. You must have seen frogs jumping and jumping many times, but very rarely while hunting.

In this video, he is seen hunting an insect, but in the pursuit of hunting, he has to give it to take it. What he thought was a minor worm, in fact it was very dangerous, that is why he got a ‘440 volt shock’ as soon as he put it in his mouth. In the video you can see that three frogs are sitting at one place. Then a worm passes from there, seeing which their tongue starts flapping and they become restless to eat it.

Meanwhile, a frog tries to eat the worm in order to win first, but does not know why he cannot eat it. After this another frog follows him, but as soon as he tries to eat the insect by pulling it with his long tongue, he does not know what happens that immediately spits out and starts sobbing. Looks like he got electrocuted. As surprising as this video is, it is also funny, which makes people laugh and laugh.

See how the evening of frogs has come

This funny video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the ID named @TheFigen. This video of just 16 seconds has got more than 6 lakh views so far, while more than 16 thousand people have also liked the video and given various reactions.

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