Now the fever of ‘Kala Chashma’ rises on the student too, the video of taking a degree in a unique way goes viral

One university degree You must know how difficult it is to take. It requires hard work and diligent study. After this, when you get the degree, then there is nothing in the world more than that. This moment is of celebration. Students celebrate their happiness of getting a degree by going home or going to a hotel or restaurant, but have you seen anyone celebrating the happiness of getting a degree on stage itself? social media But nowadays one such video is going viral, which is very funny.

Actually, in this video, a student climbs on the stage to take his degree and as soon as he climbs he gets a fever of ‘Kala Chashma’. You must have heard the song ‘Kala Chashma’. It is becoming very viral on social media nowadays. Not only the country but foreigners are also very fond of this song, that’s why people from all over the world are swinging on this song and making different types of reels and videos. A student taking a degree on stage has also done something similar. As soon as he climbs on the stage, he starts swinging in the style of ‘Kala Chashma’. In the video you can see that when the boy dances in ‘Quick Style’ on the song, everyone is left watching him and everyone laughs after seeing him. Seeing his style, the woman who gave the degree also starts smiling.

Watch this funny video of student

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This funny video was shared on social media platform Instagram by Mahir Malhotra (Mahir Malhotra) has been shared by a user named, which has been viewed 4.5 million i.e. 45 lakh times so far, while more than 1 lakh 55 thousand people have liked the video and given various reactions.

Somebody has written that ‘this was the best’, then someone is saying that ‘you are a legend’. At the same time, a user has also written in a similar way that ‘it was very right’, that is, overall people are liking this video very much.

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